HTML 5 Tutorial

HTML 5 Tutorial

The collection of a comprehensive HTML 5 tutorial that might be easy to learn including basic, reference, and practice

There's a lot of features that HTML 5 cover since it's upgraded from HTML 4. Until now, HTML 5 still a standard for the modern web browser. HTML 5 comes together with CSS 3 to make web view more dynamic, attractive, stunning, and responsive.

There are so many new syntactic features are included. They are include and handle multimedia and graphical content, the new <video>, <audio> and <canvas> elements were added, and support for scalable vector graphics (SVG) content and MathML for mathematical formulas. To enrich the semantic content of documents, new page structure elements such as <main>, <section>, <article>, <header>, <footer>, <aside>, <nav>, and <figure> are added. New attributes are introduced, some elements and attributes have been removed, and others such as <a>, <cite>, and <menu> have been changed, redefined, or standardized.

Here, we will show you the collection of a comprehensive HTML 5 tutorial that might be easy to learn including basic, reference, and practice.

Tutorials of HTML 5 Tutorial

HTML Image Learn about the HTML Image tutorial. How to put an image into the website using the <img> element
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HTML 5 Tutorial: Color Codes Basic HTML 5 tutorial about understanding the HTML color codes in Color Name, Hexadecimal, RGB, and RGB with Alpha
View Google Maps in HTML Page An example of view Google Maps in HTML page from scratch complete with setup Google Maps Javascript API
HTML 5 Tutorial: Table Example HTML Table use for represent tabular data like in the Excel Application and arrange the layout of the Web View
HTML 5 Structural Tags and Attributes New features in HTML 5 that you should know for best and simple practice in web development.
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Easy learning HTML 5 from basic How to learn HTML 5 from basic? A simple, quick and fun way to learn website creation with today's standard HTML 5.