Java Tutorials: basic and advanced tutorials on Java programming language, web application, frameworks, backend, and REST API application

We are trying to make this Java tutorial easier to follow, practice, and understand. So, the step by step tutorials is very straight forward from how to create something to the Java codes listing. In this Java tutorial you will find:

  1. Some basic of Java fundamentals
  2. Step by step on Building Java web application
  3. Combining web frameworks like Spring Boot, MVC, Data, Security, and MongoDB
  4. Combining the frontend and backend frameworks like Spring Boot, Angular, React, and Vue
  5. Some short of tips and trick according to Java programming language

What is Java?

Java is the high-level programming language that Object-Oriented. The Oracle claim Java language is the most used programming language in almost electronics devices around the world. Until now, Java still uses by enterprise systems or applications. Java applications are typically compiled to bytecode that can run on any Java virtual machine (JVM) regardless of the underlying computer architecture.

There are a lot of frameworks, tools, and modules built on the top of the Java programming language. We cover some of them in our tutorials including basic Java, Spring Framework, MVC, Data, Security, Netbeans, and popular front-end technologies that supported by Java.

Java is different with Javascript, but there's a lot of similarities in coding styles. So, every Javascript programmers should be easier to learn Java programming language.

Java Core Features

There were few Java core features that still available since it was found.

  • Simple, object-oriented, and familiar programming language
  • Robust and secure programming language
  • Architecture-neutral and portable programming language
  • Execute with high performance
  • Interpreted, threaded, and dynamic

Tutorials of Java

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