Learn Javascript

by Didin J., updated on Jul 28, 2017 Learn Javascript

Why web and mobile developer should learn Javascript? Because today web technology still and more using javascript with newer version and a lot of features.

It's been 15 years from now since I was learning Javascript in my college. I don't expect this front end or client side programming will be blown up like today, which there's not just client side but in all aspect of web technology always be a javascript. Javascript learning curve and development also getting easier and faster with help of framework, tools, and library like jquery, angularjs, reactjs, nodejs, etc. And of course, learn javascript nowadays if more fun.

Why should learn Javascript?

Good question. If you look at big and famous website today like google, facebook, etc. You will find in their source of html codes always be a scripts (anothe term for declare javascript). Because HTML has limitation, web developer needs enhanced programming to make various look, functions, data binding, etc. And the great advantage of javascript that you will find today new technologies like jquery, angularjs, reactjs, nodejs which use for more than a client side scripting.

Although this just a scripting language, but it's more similar to high-levels programming languages such as Java and C/C++. Programmers who ever learn programming language must be familiar with this scripting language. A long time ago, kind of this scripting language are VBScript which uses in Microsoft Excel functions.


Simple Example for Learn Javascript

This is simple example to create Javascript that display text "Hello World" (the famous starting text for programming language learning). 

<!doctype html>
      <title>Hello World Javascript</title>
         document.write("Hello World Javascript");

 Just copy paste this code to your favorite text editor then save as helloworld.html, then open this file with your web browser. You will see text inside your browser like this.

This is it for introduction, next we will discuss more deeply about javascript.