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Ionic Angular Tutorial: How to Create Mobile Apps Quickly An Ionic tutorial on how to create mobile apps (Android/iOS) quickly in just a few steps from the scratch
Java Loops Examples The collection of Java Loops through Array, List, and Collection examples with source codes
Angular Tutorial: Consume REST API using HttpClient Example A comprehensive step-by-step Angular HttpClient or HTTP service tutorial on consuming REST API from the remote server
Node.js Express.js Mongoose.js MongoDB Easy Build REST API How to Create REST API or Web Service using Node.js, Express.js, Mongoose.js, and MongoDB in an easy and quick way
Angular Tutorial: Oauth2 Login and Refresh Token The comprehensive step-by-step Angular tutorial on implementing Oauth2 (Authentication) login and refresh token in front-end web app
Ionic Vue Tutorial: OAuth2 Login Example The comprehensive step-by-step Ionic Vue tutorial on building secure mobile apps that login or authenticate to the OAuth2 server
Ionic Angular Tutorial: Multilanguage App using Angular i18n A comprehensive step-by-step Ionic Angular tutorial on creating multilanguage mobile apps using Angular Internationalization (i18n)
Angular Tutorial: Easy Learning to Build CRUD Web App A comprehensive step by step Angular tutorial on easy learning to build a CRUD (create, read, update, delete) Angular app
Groovy Tutorial: List Examples More examples of Groovy lists such as list types, implementation, usages, and various operations that useful in the Groovy application
Angular Tutorial: Routing and Navigation A comprehensive example of Angular Routing & Navigation to help make it easier to understand the Angular Routing concepts